Travel Insurance can be daunting and we at Avatar Travels are here to help you with that. People travel for many reasons but only a small percentage ever really purchase Travel Insurance. This is simply because they cannot fathom how it really works. Travel Insurance can provide you with so many benefits so you could be at ease on your trips.

Why Buy From Us?

  • It’s quite simple really, we are travellers like you – we have probably come across every problem that you have or you may come across so we pretty much know exactly how to fix it and how to avoid the worst outcome.
  • We’ve seen so many buy insurance for such a large price but at Avatar Travels we make it cheap and affordable for every customer.
  • As you can see we are an agency that wants the best for you. We know when you’re on a holiday, you want to be away from all the strain and stress that you receive in your daily life. If something happens then all that stress will be back. We want you to feel secure and looked after on your trip

Trip cancellations

Trip cancellations happen all the time and none of us can do anything about it but to pay more to get around it. If you have Travel Insurance from us however we can keep you completely covered – depending on your plan, this might include hotel reservations, plane tickets and more. So don’t worry, fill out the form below and we’ll get you covered and at an affordable price.